The Story of Scottish Design

Victoria and Albert Museum
and Thames and Hudson

2018   |  245 × 210mm   |  224pp

Scotish Design Cover

Designed in Scotland, printed in China When V&A Dundee opened on 15 September 2018 it was the first museum of design in Scotland and the first institution outside of London to operate under the ‘Victoria and Albert’ banner. As a Scottish designer, I took it as a great compliment to be asked by the V&A to work on this book, published by Thames and Hudson as a guide to the displays.

What is it about The Story of Scottish Design that is distinctively Scottish? That would be difficult to say, however the narrative from Robert Adam via the Forth Bridge to Grand Theft Auto is certainly an interesting one. But nowadays do national boundaries make any sense to a design business that deals in digital data? The museum was designed in Tokyo by Kengo Kuma and built in Dundee; this book was designed in Edinburgh and printed in Shenzhen.

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